listen to iron maaaiden babyy wiiiith meee



Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.


reecool said: i was at work and a bird flew into the office so i hid under a desk until my boss opened a window, amazing

holy shit. this made me a believer

yo guys talk to me!! tell me something exciting that happened for you today?!


Tre is gonna get married in october :D


talk dirty to me

*starts talking about memes*


whenever someone asks me what green day is im showing them this

i feel very hurt when artists or bands just move on to a new country and play a concert 

it’s like

we had something. we were special. it was just you and me. we were gonna be together forever. but then you left and you didn’t even leave a note. you broke my heart. I was just a quick love for you. but you. you will always be my forever.

talk dirty to me

*starts talking about memes*

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